Yes, CNN really did this story

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday May 15th, 2017

"So this dominance thing extends to desserts, too?"

When did CNN cease to be a serious news organization and become a clown act? I'm not asking you to trace the beginnings of their liberal bias here. That was probably there from the beginning, and you can have a liberal bias and still be a reasonably serious source of news reporting. At one time, that's what CNN was.

But it fell from that perch at some point. When was it? Was it the moment in a presidential debate when Wolf Blitzer asked the candidates to play "This or That"? Was it Bernard Shaw dropping the Kitty Dukakis rape-and-murder question? Was it when they hired Chris Cuomo?

I don't know when it started, but I know it reaches new depths on a regular basis. And if you think you've seen CNN at its most ridiculous, then I'd venture to guess you haven't seen this:

You're already seeing lefties online speculating that this is evidence of some insecurity Trump has, which prompts him to big-time his staff by making them sit and watch while he eats more ice cream than they do. Idiotic? Absurd? Brain-dead? Utterly mad? Of course, but these people are taking their cues from CNN, which is implying that very thing by doing a story this dunderheaded in the first place.

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Somewhere along the line, media got the idea in its collective head that it was telling us something worth knowing with reports like this. Who gets how much ice cream in the staff meetings can be amusing as a light-hearted aside, but for lack of anyone who can report substance, this sort of idiocy has turned into the media's new idea of actual news. And the more invested they become in such blather, the more determined they are to find reasons we should actually care.

This is the sort of headline you'd see a conservative site like ours create as a fake, as a way of lampooning liberal outlets like CNN. These doofuses are so ridiculous they'd probably do a story about Trump getting more ice cream scoops than everyone else. Ha ha ha ha.

Except that we don't have to, because CNN actually has become that ridiculous, and they are actually doing these very stories. All we have to do is tell you about it. And marvel. And wonder how a once-respectable news organization came to this.

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