Woman with unsecured server next to toilet mocks Trump for wanting better comms security in military

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday August 02nd, 2016

No, really, she is.

It feels like everyone has been hacked by foreign operatives lately. Hillary's campaign got hacked, the DNC got hacked, and hackers are regularly targeting the Pentagon as well as other arms of the federal machine. Even big corporations like Sony pictures are being hacked.

So, on Friday, Donald Trump was discussing the idea that maybe, just maybe, we should look into some non-hackable security for military communications.

That's not a radical notion, right?  As he put it:

"I like the old days, especially for the military and things like that," Trump said. "You want to attack or you want to do something, it's called a courier. It's called, 'Let's put it on a thing, put it in an envelope and let's hand it to the general.'"

"Let's not send it over the wires so everybody's probably reading it."

Now, obviously, Trump is making his point in his usual bombastic way and you can debate whether or not that's working for him.  You can also make a valid point that, here in the 21st century, not sending information "over the wires" is simply not a realistic plan.

What you can't do is fault him for thinking that we need to run a tighter ship when it comes to protecting data.   ...And yet, he's being mocked for it - by none other than Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, she tweeted:

Yep, that's right.  Hillary Clinton - a woman who ran a secret, largely unsecured, server out of her basement and contracted with an email firm that kept another server in a closet next to the toilet - is mocking someone who thinks we need tighter data security.

Hillary Clinton - a woman who's deleted, wiped, and possibly now Russian-owned emails are no doubt causing night terrors at DNC headquarters - is lecturing people on using "carrier pigeons."

Hillary Clinton - a woman who FBI director James Comey says may not be sophisticated enough to understand how classified information works - is attacking Trump for saying that we may have some leaks in the system.

I wonder if I'll ever stop being shocked that Hillary manages to out-hubris herself on an almost daily basis?

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