Woman says SEIU forged her signature on union card, took dues even after she refused to join

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday April 18th, 2017

After showing up at her door late at night and refusing to take no for an answer.

Unions don't like it when you refuse to join. That's not how it's supposed to work as far as they're concerned. They have a right to have you as a member, and they have a right to collect dues from you, regardless of your interest or lack thereof.

So when a woman known only as "Sara M." - a personal care assistant from Duluth - told the Service Employees Union International she did not want to join their ranks, they didn't just give up and go away. Quite the contrary. Not only did they show up at her house at 8 p.m. demanding that she join, but they came back several times after being told no. And even that wasn't the end, as Sara wrote to the Daily Signal:

SEIU showed up at my door one night at 8 p.m. to ask me about joining the union. My husband told them I wasn’t interested and shut the door.

The next day they showed up again, and I said no, I do not want to join. The rep asked if they could send me information about it so I could think it over. I wrote down my address on a scratch piece of paper, but never put my name or signature on it. Told him I would contact them if I changed my mind. At this point I was just trying to get them to leave me alone.

Two days later, another rep showed up and would not take no for an answer and would not leave until I threatened to call the police for harassment. I had direct deposit on my check and got paid biweekly. I happened to look at my check stub a few weeks later and saw that $28 has been taken out of my check for union dues.

I contacted SEIU and asked why they were taking dues out when I never joined. The person I spoke with basically accused me of lying and said they would send the union card to me to show I filled it out. And in order for them to stop taking dues, I had to write them a handwritten letter.

I asked them about getting the money back they took and they told me I had to take that up with my employer. Of course, my employer said that SEIU had to give the money back. That never happened.

I received the union card in the mail. I had never even seen the card that they said I signed, and clearly it was not my signature. My husband and oldest daughter both noticed it looked different. I wish I would have contacted someone legally, but didn’t think I would be taken seriously with how powerful SEIU is.

They're powerful all right. They have plenty of Democrat politicians in their back pockets, willing to shape the laws so that people like Sara have little or no recourse when men show up at her door demanding her signature. And Sara still refuses? Hey. Forge it on the union card, go ahead and collect the dues.

And as Sara discovered, employers don't want to get crosswise with unions either. That brings a whole host of problems they would prefer to avoid, and because of the aforementioned Demcorat politicians, the law rarely makes it so clean and neat for employers or employees to get justice in light of union malfeasance.

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Perhaps you've heard unions complain about right-to-work laws, which are now on the books in 26 states. The only thing right-to-work laws do is establish that you don't have to join a union as a condition for taking a job. They don't ban you from joining one either. They simply make it your choice. And that's what unions have a problem with. They don't like taking no for an answer, and they want to law to establish that people aren't allowed to say no.

As Sara found out, even when you do say no, sometimes your name still ends up on a union card and you end up paying dues. Large men who come to your door late at night will see to that.

And always remember: These are the people whose bidding Democrats do once they get elected with the help of money from these very same people, often taken from people like Sara who had no intention of giving it.

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