Wolf Blitzer: That water sip just might end Marco Rubio's career

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday February 14th, 2013

By DAN CALABRESE - Why no one watches CNN: Reason #4389430924371197.

I debated whether CainTV should mention this idiotic meme at all. But I think part of what we need to do here is not only point out the idiocy of the media, but also the make clear how much damage it really does to the nation. Consider: Wolf Blitzer is a guy that CNN considers a brilliant political mind. He is their lead political show host and analyst. He's the guy they go to for explanations about things that happen in the political world. The 29 people who watch CNN are presented with Wolf's insight as top-of-the-line.

So how much does it impact the quality of America's political discourse when a guy like that gives us dreck like this?

How Blitzer answers his own rhetorical question is largely beside the point. The media love to play the game of paying attention to this nonsense, all the while doing this act by which they pretend, "Oh, we're only taking a whimsical look at the social media phenomenon because it's so ridiculous." And yet they're devoting time to it, and even had an analyst come on to discuss the implications of "Watergate" on Rubio's political future or whatever.

My problem here is not so much that they're picking on a Republican, or even that they're using the water sip as an excuse to avoid discussing the substance of the Republican response to Obama - although they're certainly doing that. My bigger problem is that every time the MSM wastes time on crap like this, they make the nation stupider. They reinforce the notion that "optics" are what's really important, so that irrelevant crap like a water sip, or "binders full of women," or even the Howard Dean scream, really have anything to do with what kind of leader a person is or could be.

Think back to Rick Perry's debate flub when he couldn't recall the name of the third cabinet department he would eliminate. It was instantly seized upon as the deathknell of his presidential run. But did it deserve to be? A simple brain freeze? Something we've all experienced at times? Would it have been so terrible if Perry had just shouted out to an advisor off stage, "What was the third one?" and then gotten the answer? We would have all understood his policy idea better that way, after all. But what mattered was the freaking optics of Perry forgetting, and the "deer in the headlights moment" that resulted. Essentially, the media said, "You're not qualified to be president because you gave us an excuse to mock you."

It's the same thing with Rubio, except that the matter in question is more irrelevant and ridiculous by a magnitude of thousands. He took a drink of water. God save the republic.

But don't try telling that to Wolf Blitzer and CNN, which actually thinks it's worth their time to talk about. Fill people's heads with idiocy like this, instead of telling them the substance of the policies by which we're being governed, and you get all kinds of bad results. One of them is enough substance-challenged voters to cobble together a majority to re-elect Barack Obama.

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