WikiLeaks' Assange: 'most interesting and serious' Hillary revelations still to come

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Friday August 26th, 2016


To be clear, I don't think Julian Assange is some kind of hero.  I don't believe he does what he does out of any sense of altruism, I don't think he particularly cares about "freedom" in the Western sense, and I don't think WikiLeaks exists to better mankind.  That said, I go back and forth with myself about the whole Hillary email situation.  

If the U.S. had a media that was honestly interested in reporting the truth, we'd have no need of a guy like Assange.  They'd dig up the shallow grave in which Mrs. Clinton has buried her past, and we'd be done with her.  However, since the press has basically proven itself to be one gargantuan propagandist, we're relying on a cockroach to drag the other cokroaches into the light.

The problem with that is: "What if that's not what he's doing?"

Sure, it looks like Assange is slowly and methodically placing a spotlight on Hillary's corruption, but what if all he's really doing is playing a self-promotion game? Assange claims that "the most interesting and serious" information is about to be released.  If that's the case, fine. ...But I can't escape the nagging feeling that, just like the feds, he doens't really have the goods and he's just dragging the whole thing out for TV time.

According to a new interview, there's big stuff on the way. Soon, we'll find out if that's the case.  

Ainsley Earhardt asked Assange: “What is the most shocking thing that you have found out about Hillary Clinton?”

Assange chose his words carefully, but indicated that “the most interesting and serious, relate to upcoming publications we have."

In other words, Hillary may be headed for the White House but Assange has no intention of offering her a smooth ride. 

On the other hand, if Assange comes up empty-handed - if he's been bluffing - that will most likely be the end of the Wikileaks empire.

It's almost time for Assange to put up or shut up.  Anyone care to place their bets?

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