Why are Democrats worried? Hillary's 'personal' emails are just wedding plans and yoga routines, right?

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday July 28th, 2016

Sure seems like they're afraid.

One of the most telling things about the last few days has been the severity of the collective left-wing freak-out.  When Donald Trump made his comments about Russian hackers releasing Hillary's now-destroyed "personal" correspondence, the reaction was swift, vitriolic, and way, way over the top.  

But why?  If their candidate (who they claim is consistently honest and trustworthy) is telling the truth, the 30,000 messages would only serve to prove what she's been claiming all along.

After all, as Hillary says at HillaryClinton.com, there's nothing but wedding stuff, family vacation material, yoga, and funeral preparations in there:

Why did Clinton decide not to keep her personal emails?

As Clinton has said before, these were private, personal messages, including emails about her daughter’s wedding plans, her mother’s funeral services and condolence notes, as well as emails on family vacations, yoga routines, and other items one would typically find in their own email account, such as offers from retailers, spam, etc.

Well, that's no big deal, is it?  

Given how much flack Hillary has taken over the whole server issue, you'd think she'd love to see those emails released. Not only would it squash rumors that she illegally deleted incriminating work-related material, it would exonerate her and make the GOP look awful for having attacked her.  As I said above, since we all know how trustworthy she is, the release would only serve to vindicate her.

And yet, it really appears that Democrats are terrified that the Russians, or Assange, or whoever, will actually grant Trump's wish and release the documents in question.

The severity of the attacks since Trump's press conference should tell you that they feel the release would be damaging, that they assume she deleted way more than she's letting on, and that they're all operating under the assumption that she's a liar.

After all, if they really believed her, they'd have nothing to worry about...

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