Maxine Waters attacks Trump, accidentally admits that Americans are subjected to painful levels of taxation

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday April 18th, 2017

Destroying the left-wing narrative

For whatever reason, the voters of California have decided that Maxine Waters is the kind of crazy person they want to keep in Congress.  I'm not sure why that is, but left-coasters also keep Pelosi employed so, clearly, there's something in the water out there.

Anyway, Ms. Waters hates Trump.  She wants him impeached. She's vowed to impeach him herself. On what grounds she intends to do this, no one seems to be sure.  

It appears to have something to do with his tax returns, since she's still leading a doomed effort to see them released.  Never mind that "auditing the President" isn't her job. Ignore the fact that we now know he did pay taxes during the time she likes to claim he didn't. Reality is not Ms. Waters' strong suit.

What's important here is that Maxine Waters - a top Democrat and ardent supporter of big government in all its myriad forms - just accidentally admitted that people across the nation struggle under an onerous tax burden.

Yes, Maxine Waters, perhaps the ultimate example of the left-wing mindset tried to attack Trump by destroying the Democrats pro-taxation narrative.

It's glorious to behold:

Look, if we ignore her foamy-mouthed Trump hate, we basically agree with her here.  Americans ARE over-taxed, they DO struggle to pay the IRS, and many (we'd say most) are forced to pay taxes that they can't (and shouldn't have to) afford.  This, of course, is because Democrats refuse to embrace any sort of tax reform.  It's one of the reasons Trump got elected.

That she's making this point in an effort to somehow damage President Trump? Hilarious.

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