Whoa: Gallup shows 26 percent of blacks now identify as conservative

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Published by: Herman Cain on Tuesday March 31st, 2015

Waking up.

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend, Jim Clifton, who happens to be the CEO of the Gallup Organization. Whereas he gets his pulse of the public from the numerous and ongoing surveys they conduct, I get my pulse from callers to my radio show, people I meet while traveling and questions from audience members during keynote speeches.

Jim said it must be exhilarating to get that kind of feedback, and I said absolutely, and that's one of the aspects that I enjoy the most about being a talk show host and speaker.

I then related to him that I have been getting more calls lately from black voters who admit that they have seen the light of truth and are no longer Obama and Democrat voters. Hallelujah, I said! I then asked him if they had measured the percentage of blacks who claim to have a conservative ideology.

He sent a text to his research guru, Frank, and later that day Frank sent me the results of an ongoing survey on ideological preferences I had never seen. I was pleasantly surprised at the results!

Fully 26 percent of blacks identify their ideology as conservative, compared to the 35 percent national average.

At the same time, 26 percent of blacks identify their ideology as liberal, compared to the 23 percent national average.

The number of blacks who identify their ideology as conservative is higher than I expected, but it confirms the testimonial feedback I get from black people who listen to my show, visit my website or attend my speeches.

This is not to slight or underappreciate white voters, Hispanics or other ethnic groups who are also waking up to the truth, but these findings refute the assumption that blacks are so committed to the Democrats and the liberals that they can't be converted based on the facts when they are given the facts.

We are saving the savable. And when you consider that from the same survey it showed that 41 percent of blacks consider themselves moderate, compared to the 36 percent national average, we have a lot of upside potential as conservatives.

The challenge for conservatives, whether elected or non-elected, is to do a much better job of communicating how conservative principles of lower taxes, smaller government and individual responsibility benefits everyone. Conservatives want people to prosper, whereas liberals want people to accept "less bad" and more dependency on government.

Some people are conservative ideologically and they just don't know it, because they are constantly bombarded with liberal messages of class warfare, and the government can fix their situation with another tax, government regulation or restriction on somebody else.

The USA has spent $20 trillion on the "war on poverty" over the last 50 years, and there are more people in poverty than 50 years ago!

Blacks are waking up! America is waking up! Hallelujah!