Where's the beef?

Headshot image of Herman Cain
Published by: Herman Cain on Thursday July 28th, 2016

Not in Philadelphia.

"Where's the beef?" was a very popular and memorable advertising theme for Wendy's three decades ago. It highlighted the amount of beef in its burgers versus the competition. 

As I struggled to listen to some of the speeches last night at the Democrat National Convention, I asked a similar question: Where's the substance?

There was none.

It was a night of aspirational and inspirational stories, peppered with a good dose of platitudes of how the nation and the world should be, rather than how it is.

The liberal media called the Republican National Convention "dark", because it talked about the nation and the world as it is, and what we need to do to begin the long journey of fixing stuff. The Democrats are still in La La Land.

The audience at the DNC was also looking for red meat inspiration, and they got it. They couldn’t care less about actual problems, solutions, deceptions, distractions and lies. 

Yes, a convention is supposed to be inspirational, but the Republicans added a healthy dose of reality. The Democrats don't want reality to disrupt their inspirational narrative. 

Hillary Clinton will be their highlight speaker Thursday night. We can expect more platitudes, and her attempt to be inspirational.

It will be another struggle to listen.

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