VIDEO: Watch CNN's Jim Acosta, who now brags how tough he is on politicians, suck up to Obama in 2015 presser

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday August 07th, 2017

Embarrassing beyond belief.

Ooh. Jim Acosta. Tough guy. Yeah. It's his job to give it to politicians and speak truth to power. To stand up to the man. To get in their faces and demand answers and accountability.

That's Jim Acosta. Big man. He won't be anyone's wallflower!

Er . . . maybe we should say . . . he won't be anyone's wallflower now. It was only two years ago that it seems our speaker of truth to power saw things a little differently, when a certain other person was the occupant of the Oval Office. Prepare to cringe:

As many problems as I have with Obama - and if you read me at all you know I could go on all day - but I have to give him this: It seemed that when the press was shamelessly licking his boots, he was very well aware of it. And while he knew better than to abjectly humiliate them for it - he needed their devotion after all - he clearly didn't have much respect the hapless clods who were drooling all over him.

Who could ever forget this one from Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times?

Obama surely realized his good fortune at having such a pliable press corps, but you can't help but think he was cringing a bit himself at it.

But back to Acosta: Note what he assumes to be a "good week" for Obama: Gay marriage is imposed on the nation and ObamaCare is upheld. Good in the sense that Obama supported those things, but why is a supposedly objective reporter embracing Obama's premise that these are good for the country? An unbiased reporter who speaks truth to power would demand to know what Obama's going to do about soaring premiums, or the collapsing exchanges, or the inevitable conflicts between gay activists and people of faith in any number of situations.

Not Jim Acosta. Nope. He's nothing but a bootlicking toady, who can't wait to give his leader the chance to preen about his newfound political capital.

GDP growth for Obama's final year? A measly 1.6 percent

I suppose you wouldn't call Acosta a wallflower in this situation. It would be more accurate to call him a weak, willing servant of the throne. You've got one shot at a question. Do you ask a tough one that will make the politician squirm uncomfortably before being forced to deal with hard truth that the American public needs to know?

Hell no! This is CNN. That's not what you do. As long as the king is your kind of king, your job is to puff him up - or set him up to puff himself up.

Acosta's commitment to ask the tough questions and demand accountability appears to have started approximately six months and 18 days ago - no matter what he tells you to the contrary.

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