VIDEO: Victim's father rushes Larry Nassar in courtroom, has to be restrained by deputies

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday February 02nd, 2018

You know you can't condone it, but no one on Earth can blame the guy.

No, it's not OK to do this!

Also no . . . you can't expect for one second that you'll get through a proceeding like this without it happening at least once.

Also no . . . if the victim was my daughter, I absolutely cannot guarantee you I would be any more restrained, so it's one thing to refrain from condoning it because everything you know tells you it's not right. It's another thing to condemn the guy. How can you?

I doubt many will:

The man's name is Randall Margraves, and he restrained his anger at Nassar long enough to let his daughters finish their victim impact statements before he got his chance at the microphone. He expressed himself pretty perfectly too, because of course you understand that body language often speaks louder than words. That was some body language.

Don't worry! The Draft Oprah people aren't taking no for an answer

My Bible tells me that vengeance belongs to the Lord. I believe that 100 percent. My Bible tells me we have to forgive those who trespass against us. I believe that 100 percent.

This is one of those times where what you know to be right in God's eyes is sorely tested by the reality on the ground. If I had a daughter (I don't) and someone hurt her, every instinct I would have as a father would be to pummel the guy so badly that he would never again consider doing harm to any woman - particularly the one who calls me Dad. I find it nearly impossible to find fault with Mr. Margraves for wanting to do exactly the same thing, even though I know that both God's law and man's says he shouldn't.

It's a good thing I only have a son. Teaching him to treat women with respect is much easier than handling what Russell Margraves and the other fathers of Nassar's victims have to handle.

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