VIDEO: Trump hails faith as central to American life at National Prayer Breakfast

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday February 08th, 2018

A refreshing change.

I'm reluctant to bring up what the last occupant of the Oval Office did with this event, but he was the one who told us to get off our high horses over an event more than 1,000 years ago that he doesn't understand in the slightest.

First the good news: You can argue all you want that Trump doesn't mean what he's saying, but I'll leave it to you to listen to words and decide if he's sincere. He's giving glory to God. Paul said something about when someone does that and you don't think they're sincere:

I don't know exactly where Trump is in his faith walk. There are people who say they ministered to him during the campaign and saw a real conviction. Others believe Trump will say anything to anyone, and that his faithful sycophants are too willing to believe it regardless of all the reasons for skepticism.

What I think is that seeking, winning and serving in the presidency has convicted Trump in many ways, and that he understands now in a way that he never did before that he needs God, and that because his need for grace is so extensive, he is all the more grateful for it.

So why doesn't Trump talk like people on CBN or Trinity Broadcast Network? Because that's not who Trump is, and there's no reason he needs to be. After all this, you can still disbelieve his sincerity, and if you're determined to than you probably will.

What I've said all along is that Trump may or may not have given his heart to Christ, but at least he's not hostile toward Christianity and its role in American life. Unlike . . . who?


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