VIDEO: Trump destroys Hillary in 40-minute speech

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday June 22nd, 2016


Here's what I don't know: How can you give a speech devoted to all the things that are wrong with Hillary Clinton, and only take 40 minutes to do it? It has to be the Cliff's Notes version.

But let's not mince: The number one reason - by far - to vote for Trump is that Hillary is awful beyond all imagination. She's corrupt. She's dishonest. She's inept. She has no track record of any accomplishment that benefited anyone but her.

That needs to be said, and Trump is the one who needs to say it. Today, he did. Boy . . . he did:

I don't necessarily agree with everything Trump says on substance here - particularly on the Iraq War and NAFTA - but he's absolutely right in the way he characterizes Hillary's performance as Secretary of State. She kowtowed to foreign interests. She got rich. No one else got anything. Quoting at length from Peter Schweitzer's Clinton Cash shows that he's not afraid to get into the details of just how Hillary's corruption has always worked and is still working.

And on and on it goes. Her change of position on the TPP trade deal. Her felonious e-mail methods. Her willingness to cash in on her influence regardless of how it affects the country. Her terrible decisions as Secretary of State.

Trump's takedown of Hillary on Benghazi, which starts around 16:30, is absolutely devastating as he goes through the many requests for extra security at the consulate - all of which Hillary denied - then recounts how she slept as the attack went down, leaving Chris Stevens and three others to die, then lied to their families about what really caused the attacks.

Iraq. Syria. Egypt. Libya. Russia. Time and time again, Hillary's instincts on foreign policy are insane and disastrous - leading not only to the rise of ISIS but to the growing influence of Iran in the Middle East region.

"In short, Hillary Clinton's tryout for the presidency has produced one foreign policy disaster after another. One by one, she'd one virtually nothing right. She's done virtually nothing good."

That is 100 percent true.

But Trump doesn't stop there. He quotes Secret Service agent Gary Byrne - author of the book Crisis of Character and an eyewitness to far too much of Hillary's personal behavior as First Lady - talking about how completely and utterly she lacks the character to be president. He hammers her on her clear belief that she thinks the rules are for everyone but her.

"Hillary Clinton may be the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the United States."

May be? Who else is even close? Richard Nixon, you say? At least Nixon's corruption was mainly about his own political survival. He wasn't giving away control of American uranium in exchange for a gigantic speaking fee. Hillary did that. In a corruption contest of Hillary vs. Nixon, Hillary wins. In a landslide.

The whole thing is well worth your time. Anyone who seriously thinks that Hillary is the responsible choice in contrast to Trump's supposed recklessness really should watch it. Trump certainly has his flaws, as we've said here many times, but Hillary Clinton is a corrupt monster who cares about no one but herself. He is right. God forbid she ever become president of this country.

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