Trump: 'If he does something with Guam, it will be an event the likes no one has seen before'

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday August 11th, 2017

That's not a dare, it's a statement.

The media questioners characteristically described it as a "dare," because they can't breathe without finding fault with Trump. But it's Bowl Cut Jr. who keeps saying he's going to nuke us. If Trump talks about attacking him pre-emptively, they scream that he wants to start a nuclear war. If he says he'll wait to see what Kim does, they say he's daring them.

He can't win, but you knew that.

The key part comes around 7:00, and it's followed by Trump's interesting declaration that he doesn't think Iran is in compliance with the nuclear deal. So far he's certified that they are in compliance at each legally required 90-day period, but he's making it known he's not happy about it and it appears he and his team aren't going to formally declare Iran in noncompliance until they build a strong case. But he just signaled what's coming, not that anyone really had any doubts.


He also makes a very interesting case for why it wouldn't have made sense for Russia to want him as president. He's the guy who wants a strong military and low energy prices, both of which are causing problems for Putin. Prediction: The media will deride Trump for attacking Hillary again, when all Trump is doing is answering yet another media question about "collusion" and explaining why he thinks Hillary would have been more in Russia's interests than he is.

I suppose Trump's performance here will be described as "rambling" or "incoherent" or whatever - because he's Trump. But watch it for yourself and decide if you think that's true.

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