VIDEO 'Peaceful protesters' in Charlotte beat innocent man as he begs for mercy

Headshot image of Robert Laurie
Published by: Robert Laurie on Thursday September 22nd, 2016

Social Justice

As CNN, MSNBC, and other tell us; the people burning and looting their way through Charlotte are just "protesters" who are justified in their outrage. Sure - to the untrained eye - this may look like a rioting mass of violent thugs, but they assure us that's not the case.

These are simply pious people demanding "change," "action," and "equality in the eyes of the law."

...And nothing says "social justice" like chasing an innocent man into a parking structure, dragging him into a corner, and beating the tar out of him as he begs for mercy, right? 

Watch, and prepare to be angry:

Lest you think someone is trying to fudge things by presenting just "any old beating" as part of the riots, the original poster clarified the location:

So remember: If you want to get your point across, you can pound the snot out of an innocent bystander and the media will look the other way.  Heck, they'll even legitimize your cause by pretending your attack is part of a "protest."  

After all, there's an agenda and a narrative that needs to be maintained.

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