VIDEO: Paul Ryan cracks up as Democrats try to stop certification of Trump's win

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday January 09th, 2017

Clowns need Biden to tell them: "It's over."

Absurdity has to get pretty absurd before you feel sorry for Joe Biden for having to deal with it. And I can't help but suspect Paul Ryan is sitting back there thinking: You acted like an ass in our debate so you could remain vice president. Here's your reward, buddy. You have to deal with this nonsense while I just sit back here and laugh.

It's as it should be, no? Democrats and their media scribes have done everything possible to convince people Trump's election was illegitimate, that the Russians did it, or whatever (second thoughts on that whole thing about everyone accepting the results, it would appear), so you had to know the likes of Maxine Waters and Sheila Jackson Lee wouldn't know when to leave it alone.

Finally, Biden had had enough:

I did warn you this was coming.

There's one potential silver lining all this - well, apart from the sheer entertainment value, which is awesome - and that's that the MSM will likely never lecture us again about how solemnly important it is that everyone accept the results of an election, no matter what, because democracy will be in peril if they don't. That we descended from that to this in less than three months demonstrates in no uncertain terms that was never anything more than a partisan talking point designed to cast aspersions on Trump.

And let's not forget, it isn't just these yokels, trying to object to the mere certification of a vote that's long since in the books. Hillary herself hid behind Jill Stein's skirt and pushed this idiotic recount, and John Podesta wanted the electors to get an "intelligence briefing" on the whole Russians thing before voting. No, the Democrats have in no way accepted the results.

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Even with the electoral vote result certified, they still won't accept it. They'll complain that they weren't allowed to object over long voter lines, or the Russians, or any other complaint of the moment - as if the certification of the vote was the time and venue to raise those issues.

I did learn something from the video, though. I didn't know that random senators and representatives - regardless of party - had the task of getting up front and reading the results of various (and not necessarily their own) states' electoral vote results. I don't know why I find that so interesting, but I sort of do. I wouldn't have thought it would be left to Democrat Amy Klobucar of Minnesota to announce that Wisconsin voted for Trump and Pence, and to take abuse for it while Biden had to defend her and Paul Ryan just sat back and laughed.

Oh well. Mike Pence gets this and all other parts of Biden's job in a couple of weeks. I hope he enjoys it.

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