VIDEO: Obnoxious idiots block Betsy DeVos's entry into D.C. school

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday February 10th, 2017

"Shame! Shame!" yells the idiot.

Maybe it's just because it's Friday afternoon and I've had enough of this all week. I know, I know. Dan, you're not supposed to call people names! It's beneath you. You're supposed to keep the conversation at a higher level than that!

Right. I know all that.

People like this are obnoxous damn idiots, and I guess on this particular day I'm not in the mood to pretend I think otherwise:

Ironically, Secretary DeVos was there at the invitation of the local teachers' union. These are the people who were bound and determined to prevent her confirmation, and obviously fell short of their goal. Even so, to their credit, they reached out to her in the pursuit of some dialogue. And to her credit, she accepted the invitation and showed up to meet with them.

But to the discredit of certain obnoxious morons, she had to find an alternate entry into the building, which the Washington Post reports she ultimately did. Good.

Most of these protests are not spontaneous, of course, and I suppose it's possible this was a setup. Maybe the union invited her and then told the protesters to make a spectacle of themselves with television cameras rolling. If that's the case, then obviously the union doesn't deserve the credit I offered them above. I don't have evidence that happened. I'm just speculating that it could be one possibility.

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I wonder, though: Does the left really think they help themselves when they pull crap like this? I live in the heart of UAW territory, and many times I've seen union members walk picket lines and yell "Shame! Shame!" at whoever they're mad at. I've always thought they sounded pathetic when doing this, but I guess they think yelling "Shame!" at someone is very impressive to those who hear it.

Maybe they think blocking a person's entrance to a building, running after her, standiing in front of her car and acting like a spoiled child will also persuade vast numbers of Americans that they deserve the public's support.

But I doubt it.

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