VIDEO: Obama gets faced trying to lecture SUV driver at Detroit Auto Show

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday January 13th, 2016

"How many kids do you have?"

Next huge media sensation: An investigation into the heckler, and whether he really does have 10 kids. We cannot confirm through independent sources that he has 10 kids, therefore we rule this a lie.

You know it's coming.

Of course, any debate over whether the guy sufficiently justified his ownership of an SUV misses the point entirely. It's not the president's job to tell people what they need, nor to shame them for having something he thinks they don't need, nor to make the justify to him what they have. His job is to govern in such a way that there's sufficient prosperity in the land so it's no problem for people go get what they need, want and can afford.

But we've known since the day Obama was elected that he didn't see it that way, so when he came to my town yesterday, it was no surprise he tried to lecture the auto industry. But it was a bit of a surprise that anyone had the nerve to stand up to him. Video via Townhall:

I wonder if there was any further banter after Obama tells the guy he needs a hybrid. My response would have been, "I decide what I need, not you."

By the way, your better SUVs get upwards of 20 miles to the gallon so that line about only getting 8 MPG was in line with Obama's claim that you can buy guns online with no background checks. It's simply fiction, but since it comports to the standard media narrative of the day there will probably be no challenges to it.

Look, as happy as I am that Obama got faced here, I have a problem with the idea that a guy feels the need to justify his SUV purchase ("I have 10 kids!") to the president of the United States, who of course diminishes himself in the office by standing there on a stage and debating the guy over the matter. This man's job is to make the decision about what his family needs. Obama's job is to govern the nation well and make good decisions about peace and prosperity. One such decision would be to approve more oil leases on federal lands so oil is more plentiful, or to approve the Keystone XL pipeline so it's easier to transport oil to market.

But Obama wants to do none of that. He'd rather lecture people about buying SUVs or about not inflating their tires properly. This sadly harkens back to the days of the sweater-clad Jimmy Carter telling us all to turn our thermostats down because he couldn't figure out what to do about the enu-guh crisis. Except that Jimmeh was merely pathetic. Obama is arrogant and condescending too - with little basis to justify either one.

He just enjoys telling you what not to do.

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