VIDEO: Moral scold of the nation Jimmy Kimmel channels his inner Weinstein

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday October 12th, 2017

"I think you should put your mouth on it."

Since Jimmy Kimmel thinks it's his job to lecture the nation on the morality of health insurance law and gun laws - even to the point where he feels qualified to tell Republicans in Congress that they need to ask God for forgiveness for their sins - I thought you might find it useful to know a little something about Mr. Kimmel's qualifications to make these moral pronouncements, especially in light of the Harvey Weinstein revelations and the emerging reality that this type of behavior among the male Hollywood elite is not exactly unusual.

Surely the oh-so-virtuous Mr. Kimmel would never treat women this way. He is the nation's official, self-appointed moral scold, so that can't possibly be:


Hat tip to the Daily Wire for this one.

Now, one might suggest that even if Jimmy Kimmel is pig with women, he could still be right about gun control and health care. And that's true. Having women as young as 18 grope your crotch doesn't automatically make you wrong about these things. It's the weakness of his arguments that makes him wrong.

But why did anyone listen to him in the first place? Because he's funny and has a popular talk show on ABC. Those are not exactly stellar qualifications for being treated like an authorithy on matters of public policy, but Kimmel seemed to speak with conviction and he seemed to really care, so maybe his sincerity and his good heart alone might be enough to qualify him as an expert.

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Then again, maybe there's a little Harvey Weinstein in Kimmel after all, which might explain why he didn't say much on his show about Weinstein's ghastly treatment of women. If this video is any indication, maybe Kimmel's view of women is not that far off from Weinstein's. I certainly think it tells us enough that we can dismiss Kimmel as any sort of moral authority, particularly when he ascribes moral degradation to people who merely have a different view on how to achieve positive results.

Or to put it more simply: Jimmy Kimmel is a sexist pig. He's Bill Clinton with a talk show, getting away with whatever he can to the extent it seems the culture will allow it. The next time he presumes to scold the rest of us for our lack of virtue, maybe he should be given something to put in his mouth.

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