VIDEO: Hillary vows 'we will raise taxes on the middle class'

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday August 04th, 2016

Surely she didn't mean to say it. But does she mean to do it?

The Hillary campaign will obviously say she "misspoke" and meant to say something else - either that she would raise taxes on the "super rich" or that she would cut taxes on the middle class. Come on, they'll say. You can't really think that's what she meant.

And no. I don't. That is, I don't think she meant to let these words pass her lips in public. What she actually wants to do, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. See for yourself:

If you wanted to offer a defense of Hillary here, the best you could come up with is to point out that she's a terrible speaker. Or maybe you could remind the viewer that Hillary is a completely insincere individual, so anything she says has to be taken with a grain of salt. That affected stridency you hear as she declares in the horrid monotone WE . . . WILL . . . RAISE . . . TAXES . . . ON . . . THE . . . MIDDLE . . . CLASS . . . obvious BS. Make nothing of how determined she sounds to do it. That's fake. Everything out of Hillary's mouth is fake.

So relax.

Except for one thing: One of the things phony people do is forget sometimes that they need to separate what they actually think from what they've been told they're supposed to say. Those words sure flowed freely out of that mouth of hers. Was she really just confused? Or does she think to herself every day, "You're damn straight I'm gonna raise taxes on those stupid spongers . . . oh, sorry, the 'middle class,' those dirty people I regard with utter contempt"?

Also, if Trump says something that obviously doesn't reflect what he really thinks, does the Hillary campaign make even this much effort to be fair in assessing it? You know damn well they don't.

And for the record, whether Hillary meant to say that publicly or not, there's no doubt in my mind it's what she will do in a New York minute if she can swing it politically.

So do with that what you will.

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