VIDEO: Dem tells Megyn Kelly, you can't choose the plan you want because this is capitalism

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday October 31st, 2013

We made the same face, Megyn.

Capitalism, as understood by Democrats. Behold:

Kelly: Why do you get to decide what's lousy? Why can't the American people say, it's lousy for you. I like it.

Congressman Frank Pallone (D-New Jersey): It's capitalism.

Frank Pallone is a piece of work, and he has a very interesting definition of capitalism. When millions of people had bought your plans and were happy with them, but now can't get them anymore because the government says they are now illegal . . . capitalism, baby!

Here's the impression Pallone is trying to leave, all of which is nonsense: These scam-artist insurance companies were selling worthless plans, but we passed ObamaCare, and now no one will buy them, so as a result they're now going to sell you plans that are better and more affordable. Why? Capitalism.


Insurers were selling plans that millions of people chose to buy. Obama claimed that if people liked the plans they could keep them, period, but his administration enforced ObamaCare in such a way that they could claim the slightest adjustment to any policy - and policies are adjusted all the time - meant the policy no longer existed, and thus it was the insurer, not the ObamaCare regulations, that caused it to disappear.

But if not for the ObamaCare regulations requiring things like coverage of maternity care and mental health care, no grandfathering would have been necessary. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan? Ha! Not if Obama, Sebelius and Frank Pallone deem it "lousy".

Pallone also keeps coming back to the claim that these "lousy" policies cost too much, and keeps implying that the ones you get through ObamaCare are cheaper. Of course, millions are finding out that is not true, but hey, you get all this stuff "covered" even if you would never use it, because they know what's good for you.

Capitalism, as redefined by the Democrats: You can make whatever choice we say it's OK for you to make. Ladies and gentlemen, your new and improved "free market."

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