VIDEO: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz rambles incoherently about ObamaCare glitches

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday October 10th, 2013

The servers were only designed to handle 50,000 visits a day?

You know what to expect with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. You're going to get shrill talking points, and for the most part she needs to be on an outlet like MSNBC because they're going to wind her up and let her go. She can blame Republicans for military death benefits not getting paid, even though they're willing to pass a limited CR that pays them, and she won't get challenged.

But she gets tripped up when host Thomas Roberts decides his credibility can't survive his punting on a question about the rollout. That's when she start sounding like she woke up three seconds ago and she can't do anything but babble incoherently. Enjoy:

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There are a few serious gems in this if you can pick through the babble. The comparison to Bush v. Gore is especially delicious. Because Gore finally conceded defeat six weeks after an election he clearly lost, Republicans aren't supposed to fight against a piece of legislation that's bringing economic decimation to the country? Got it.

But the real jaw-dropper comes when she helpfully explains that servers for the ObamaCare web site were only designed to handle 50,000 visits a day. 50,000? Just to introduce a sense of perspective, the web site you're reading right now had nearly five times that much traffic yesterday. We're proud of our site, but as highly as we esteem our boss, is the web site of a radio host who once ran for president. It's not the web site for the entire nation to buy health insurance, as newly mandated by law. And their servers are only set up to handle one-fifth the traffic we handled with no trouble yesterday?

Astonishing. Almost as astonishing as the fact that the Democrats chose a woman this incoherent as their mouthpiece. Then again, when there's nothing you can conceivably say to defend what you've done, maybe babbling is preferable to actually saying anything of substance.

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