VIDEO: Chicago eighth-grader nails impressions of Trump, Cruz, Obama, Sanders, Clinton

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday June 17th, 2016

Best graduation speech ever.

It's Friday, so let your hair down and enjoy Jack Aiello. It's always been my belief that graduating from eighth grade, or even high school for that matter, is such a minimal achievement that it's really not worth ceremonies and parties. I take it back, all of it. Because if my system had been in effect, we would never have had the chance to hear this:

When I was his age, I dabbled in impressions of Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter (which I'm sure is giving you a hint of the time period). I thought I was pretty good, but he is way, way, way better than I could ever hope to be.

He absolutely nails Cruz and Sanders. His Trump is a little slow on the uptake but once he gets rolling with it he's as good as anyone I've heard - and doing the voice is only half the challenge of impressions. What you say is just as important as how you say it, and his content is not only funny but remarkably sophisticated for an eighth-grader. I don't know if he had help writing the lines - and it's certainly no shame if he did - but even so his delivery suggests a very impressive understanding of his content.

Obama is a tough impression to master. I've worked at it a little and I haven't really been that satisfied with my efforts. He has this habit of putting a sort of awkward over-emphasis on random words rather than just letting a sentence flow. Jack does pretty well with that. There's a certain low-octave quality to Obama's voice that is going to be a challenge when you're 13. Give him a few more years for his voice to drop a little more and I bet he nails it.

As for Hillary, well, that sounded awful - which I guess means he does her pretty well. Droning on in a shrieking insincere monotone is the furthest thing from funny, which I guess means that if we get stuck with her, even the impressionists won't be able to offer much in the way of comic relief. Shudder to think of it.

Nice job, Jack! I'll be surprised if the light-night shows don't come calling now that this is getting national attention. And if a gig on Saturday Night Live is in his future, hey, maybe the show has hope of being funny once again.

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