VIDEO: Animal rights activists charge Bernie's stage - Secret Service makes them wish they hadn't

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday June 01st, 2016

Bernie fans interrupt Bernie rally.

Yesterday, in Oakland California, a small group of animal rights activists from an outfit called Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) charged the stage at a Bernie Sanders rally.

According to their Press release, the group seeks to liberate all animals from any form of "exploitation and enslavement” at the hands of human beings.  They claim to like Bernie, but it appears they don't think he's far enough to the left when it comes to their pet issue.

Activists do not protest at Bernie Sanders rallies in opposition to Sanders himself, but rather to pull Sanders in their direction. Sanders’ opponent Hillary Clinton recently released a campaign platform on animal issues, although it stops far short of what activists would like to see. Activists expect Bernie Sanders, the progressive candidate, to support more radical action to provide animals not just with improved conditions but with legal rights to be free from harm.

To make their point, they decided to rush the candidate as he spoke at the center of a large crowd.  It did not go well.

To sum up the 2016 election so far:

Bernie fans violently interrupt Trump rallies because he's not far left enough.

Bernie fans violently interrupt Clinton rallies because she's not far left enough.

Bernie fans violently interrupt Bernie rallies, because even he is not far left enough.

If you're seeing a pattern here it's because, when your ultimate goal is the full blown dissolution of the U.S. system of government and economics, no one on Earth is far left enough. They may pay lip service to Bernie but, like socialism itself, he's little more than a step on the path to the kind of country they really want.

Thank goodness the Secret Service was there to club these snowflakes into submission.  If they'd made it all the way to the stage they might have demanded that Bernie switch to a 100% tofu-based diet, or justify the hetero-normative patriarchy, or replace "he and she" with "ze," or promise to give cats the constitutional right to self-identify as dogs and sue their owners, or arm deer during hunting season, or...

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