Venezuelan socialists accuse prosecutor of 'mental insanity' after she charges government thugs for roughing up citizens

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday June 13th, 2017

Former Maduro ally couldn't take it anymore.

Desperate regimes who have lost almost every vestige of credibility start to sound almost comical in the way they attack their critics. But enough about CNN.

I kid, I kid . . . Venezuela's Maduro regime has become so thuggish in its treatment of protesters that even one of its allies, prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz, is no longer willing to carry Maduro's water and has started actually charging Maduro's goons for their abuse of the protesters. How do you supposed the socialist regime is taking that?

It would appear, not well:

A former ally of President Nicolas Maduro, the prosecutor Luisa Ortega has turned against him during opposition protests that have led to at least 67 deaths, thousands of injuries, hundreds of arrests and widespread destruction.

She has accused security forces of excessive violence, opposed pro-Maduro decisions by the Supreme Court and National Election Council, and said the president's plan for a new congress threatens democracy and late leader Hugo Chavez's legacy.

Though the bespectacled, 59-year-old Ortega has not joined the opposition, anti-Maduro leaders have been applauding her actions - and a growing backlash is underway within government.

"This woman, with that malicious behavior, has given manifest proof of mental insanity," prominent Socialist Party lawmaker Pedro Carreno said, calling for a psychiatric evaluation. "This woman could cause a civil war."

State television gave big coverage to a businessman accusing Ortega of improperly using a plane for personal use, while Socialist Party No. 2 Diosdado Cabello said junior prosecutors were being threatened with dismissal if they opposed her.

She may be the only one so far with the courage to publicly oppose Maduro in these matters, but it appears she's not the only person within the government who's had enough of Maduro's nonsense and has decided it's time to stand up to him while standing up for the citizens. You comply can't defend policies that have led to shortages of food and other essential goods, and expect people aren't going to take to the streets and protest.

GDP growth for Obama's final year? A measly 1.6 percent

Maduro is desperately trying to remain in power by pushing a change to the country's constitution. Even if he were to somehow succeed at doing that - and his prospects don't look good - it's only going to provide him with a temporary fix if the people and even members of his own party want him out.

The only downside to this could be the possibility that some sort of socialist regime survives without Maduro leading it. That's not what Venezuela needs. Venezuela needs to move past the Chavez revolution completely and get a new government that respects free markets and the creation of wealth. These thugs not only failed to do that, which is bad enough, but they also abused their own access to other people's capital to enrich themselves while a country with abundant oil resources and farmland faces shortages of both gas and food.

Only socialsits could govern to that level of ineptitude. Then again, socialists don't really govern so much as they control. Until, as we've seen here, things get completely out of control.

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