Union activist to Michigan governor: 'We'll be at your daughter's soccer game'

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday December 14th, 2012

By DAN CALABRESE - And then House Democrats took the stage.

Per Jarrett Skorup at Michigan Capital Confidential. His name is the Rev. Charles Williams, and I guess he's not happy. He warns Gov. Rick Snyder that if he signs right-to-work (which he did), he would get no rest.

Lest you think this is taken from some sort of fringe event, the next two speakers were House Democrats Richard Hammel and Tim Greimel. Greimel is the House Minority Leader. So yeah, they're going to show up at Snyder's home (they actually mentioned the street where he lives), show up at his church, and show up at his daughter's soccer games.

Good thing, as Skorup points out, Snyder's daugther doesn't play soccer. She plays softball and volleyball. Real American sports. We all know soccer is the sport of European hooligans, which would explain why these union goons would think of it first.