UK single payer healthcare system succeeds in its effort to guarantee the death of Charlie Gard

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday July 24th, 2017

Horrifying and Heartbreaking

This story is just so tragic.  I'm old enough to remember a time when doctors would spare no effort - no matter how difficult or experimental - to save the life of a child. That's no longer the case.  Nowadays, it seems federally-run healthcare systems would rather "problem cases" just shuffle off the mortal coil and spare "the system" a lot of headaches. Since single-payer care is the ultimate in rationed care, regulations and federal power trump life.

...At least that's what happened to Charlie Gard, whose parents have ended their efforts to take their son to the United States for treatment.

UK single payer healthcare system succeeds in its effort to guarantee the death of Charlie Gard

Gard will now be moved to pallative care where the NHS will guarantee he dies with dignity.

Essentially, what happened here is that the UK government "ran out the clock" by trapping these poor people in a maze of red tape.  Time was of the essence and whatever hope Charlie had dwindled as the days passed.  Now, the longshot treatment that was available in the U.S. will no longer work - so they've ended their efforts.

As the Guardian reports:

Speaking from the witness box, Connie Yates said that she hoped her son’s life would not be in vain. “We only wanted to give him a chance of life,” she said, adding that “a whole lot of time has been wasted.”

Outside court, supporters calling themselves Charlie’s Army reacted with anger and tears, chanting: “shame on you judge” and “shame on Gosh”. 

Mr Justice Francis had been scheduled to analyse what the couple said was fresh evidence at a hearing in the family division of the high court in London. 

Grant Armstrong, representing Charlie’s parents, told the high court in London: “For Charlie, it’s too late, time has run out, irreversible muscular damage has been done and the treatment can no longer be a success.”

He said the parents had made “the most painful of decisions, that only parents can make.”

Armstrong said: “Charlie has waited patiently for treatment. Due to delay, that window of opportunity has been lost.”

Gard's mother says the donations they collected to facilitate Charlie's hail-Mary treatment will now be used to establish a foundation in his memory - one that will fight to save other babies with similar conditions.

"We'd like to save other babies and children because these medications have been proven to work and we honestly have so much belief in them.

"If Charlie doesn't get this chance, we will make sure that other innocent babies and children will be saved"


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