Trump's Milwaukee speech on law and order: Awesome

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Thursday August 18th, 2016

"Hillary Clinton is against the police."

One of the things I love about Trump is that he's not afraid to just lay it out. The price you pay, I suppose, is that Hillary's servants in the news media will take anything they can and use it to create a narrative against him. I'm a little surprised they haven't jumped all over his statement that "Hillary Clinton is against the police." You'd think there would already be media "fact-checkers" presuming to "debunk" this statement.

But Trump makes himself clear if you're willing to pay attention. She's against the police in the sense that she encourages and affirms that nonsense about racist cops out to brutalize innocent minorities. And yes, when you foment that nonsense, you're attacking the police. You're making their jobs more difficult and possibly putting their lives in danger. You are against the police. Obama is, and so is Hillary.

But establishing whose side you're on is only the start. You also have to explain what you're going to do about it. Here he is:

What you don't get a lot of is specific policy proposals for how to reduce crime. But that's really not what we need from Washington D.C. States and cities already have laws and protocols for fighting crime. They don't need a president of the United States coming up with new ones for them. What they need from Washington is for the federal government to stop undermining the police, and Trump makes it clear that he would reverse the anti-police attitudes, rhetoric and policies coming out of the Obama White House.

I really hope a lot of black voters were listening, because Trump makes it clear that his biggest concern is the security of black families in their own homes. And he throws down an important gauntlet: Democrats do nothing for black people because they take black votes for granted. And it's true. What have they done? How have the lives of people in the black community improved in any way as a result of the Democrat policies that have held sway for generations? They haven't. At all. They've become less prosperous and much less safe.

And in far too many cases, dead.

And just in case you thought Trump would take a light touch in making this case, check out this quote, referring to Hillary:

"She doesn't care at all about the hurting people of this country and the suffering she has caused them."

And he's right. She doesn't. She cares about enough of them voting for her. That's it. Nothing else. 

The frustrating thing about a speech like this, as I hinted at the beginning, is that the content is fantastic but it makes no difference if people don't see it or hear about it. The media won't cover the speech. They'll cover the so-called intrigue in the Trump campaign. Which of the two is more relevant to your life or to how he would govern? Obviously the substance, but because the substance of his speech might make you more likely to vote for him, you won't be told about it.

So share this with everyone you can. People deserve to hear from Trump himself rather than just hearing what the media and late-night comedians are saying about him. Watch this speech and tell me you still believe he's the stark-raving maniac you've been told he is. Unless you're just a hopeless partisan, you won't be able to.

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