Trump unveils new Comey-filled ad slamming Hillary's many, many, MANY, email lies

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday July 06th, 2016

It's good, but....

So what? I see this new Trump web ad, and that's all I can think.  It's a fine spot for what it is, but "big deal."

Here's the clip.  We'll get to my reaction in a minute: 

Like I said, it's a fine spot. It could be a little longer, a little more in-depth, and a lot more brutal, but it gets its point across.

The problem is this:  Is there anyone out there - any single living person who's paying enough attention to politics to watch this video - who doesn't know Hillary is a liar?  I don't ask that facetiously.  I can't imagine a single person who intends to vote in November not knowing what a duplicitous, coat-tail-riding, accomplishment free, waste of space, Hillary Clinton is.

You've had close to forty years to learn everything you need to know about this woman so, if you're still inclined to vote for her, I can only assume that you don't give a damn about honesty, integrity, or criminality.  Hillary may be bought and paid for, but you don't care as long as she's bought and paid for by people who view the demise of a constitutional America as a good thing. 

....And that's the real problem with FBI Director James Comey's decision.

I'm not dismayed that Hillary is an unindicted felon.  I've known that for decades.  What bothers me is that so few people seem to care.

So, yeah, this ad is pretty good. I just don't see how it - or anything else - is going to sway voters who are ready to stand up and be counted among those who would support Hillary's ascension.

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