Some good news: Trump raised $80 million in July, almost on par with Hillary

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday August 03rd, 2016

Money Ball

Earlier, we discussed some of the problems plaguing Trump's campaign.  So now, how about some good news?  One of the early concerns surrounding The Donald stemmed from his perceived inability to raise cash. Would an outsider like Trump be able to put together the kind of fundraising necessary to win the White House?

As the Hill reports, the July totals should squash any doubts.

Donald Trump's campaign announced Wednesday that it raised $80 million in July for his presidential bid and the Republican Party, a major uptick that still puts him behind Hillary Clinton's fundraising clip. 

Until Trump files his monthly report with the Federal Election Commission, it's unclear how much of that money will go directly to his campaign and how much will be divvied up between the Republican National Committee and state parties as part of joint fundraising agreements.

But the figures show Trump filled his campaign coffers by boosting his cash on hand by almost $17 million, to $37 million. That's on top of $37 million in the bank for his two joint fundraising committees. 

“We are extremely proud of our 69% growth in small dollar donations which shows the broad based support of over one million donors across America," Trump finance committee chairman Steve Mnuchin said in a statement. 

That should, at the very least, quell worries that the Trump campaign couldn't hack it in the money department. It's a very solid 2nd place finish, particularly when you consider the size and scope of the DNC money machine.  

If you're wondering how that stacks up against Hillary's haul, you can rest easy.  Clinton brought in $90 million, $63 million of which will go directly to her campaign. She now has $58 million cash-on-hand but, given Trump's ability to garner free media, her lead may not matter as much as it usually would.

...Now, if Trump can just get back to garnering the right kind of free media, he'd be in great shape.

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