Trump is disturbing the peace by refusing to pretend awful things are fine

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Published by: Herman Cain on Tuesday October 17th, 2017

The first step is admitting you have a problem.

Normal Americans with basic common sense understand things like this. They understand it's not fine to run up $20 trillion in debt. They understand it's not fine to make awful deals with evil regimes that allow them to build nuclear weapons. They understand it's not fine to report "news" stories that are not true. They understand it's not fine to destroy insurance markets and then use taxpayer money to bail out the insurers so you can pretend it's not happening.

They also understand it's not fine to run to the news media anonymously with information, which may not even be true, that you're not supposed to be sharing. And they understand it's not fine to run for political office promising to do something, only to not do it while pretending you tried when you really didn't.

Yet all of this is common behavior in Washington D.C., and has been for decades. The honorables who presume to govern us engage in the worst kind of behavior, and make horrendous decisions, all while refusing to acknowledge the plain truth that all this is outrageous and damaging to the country.

And these people have never feared a man more than they feared Donald Trump upon his arrival in Washington. But they didn't fear him for the reasons they claimed. It's not because he's "mentally unfit" or because he's inexperienced or because he doesn't understand matters of public policy in depth. It's not because he might say something impulsive or might push all the nuclear buttons.

No, here's the reason they fear him:

A normal president might arrive in Washington, see all this nonsense and find it appalling. But the oh-so-wise old Washington hands who have been brought on to advise him will explain to him that this is how the game is played and if he wants to get along in Washington, then he has to learn to play the game. You can't say anything, Mr. President, because if you alienate these people they will not allow you to get anything done. That is what they will tell him, and he will follow their advice because they're his advisors and they know how things work in this town.

So he'll try to get along by going along, and he won't tell the American people how completely dysfunctional and corrupt Washington D.C. really is.

This is how scam survives. Everyone who wants to say something is told they'd better not, so they don't, lest they be marginalized and outcast by the people who know where the bodies are buried. Often a person will go to Washington with the best of intentions to "tell it like it is" and all that, but once he gets there he's taken aside and told you can't operate that way, so he quickly falls into line. And no one tells it to you like it is.

When Washington saw Donald Trump coming, they were mortified because they saw a man they might not be able to bring under control. They saw a man who might not listen when they told him how things have to work. They saw a man running for president but not needing the presidency to make his life complete. They saw a man who understood that with his Twitter account and his sense of independence, and it they realized to their horror that he might just go ahead and call spades spades, and that he could get these messages directly to the public without relying on the filter of the Beltway-assimilated news media.

And they saw a man who, when they called him the most horrible of names, would not care and would not stop.

The above examples are all proof that their fears were well founded. Donald Trump has recognized what you or I would recognize if given access to the information. This is absurd. And yet Washington persists day-to-day with the fiction that it's all just fine, and that there is nothing to worry about.

It's not fine. There is plenty to worry about. And we finally have a president who isn't afraid to tell us that.

This is why they're terrified of him, and why we should be very glad to have him.

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