Trump: Generals will have 30 days to submit plan for defeating ISIS

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Wednesday September 07th, 2016

"Any nation who shares in this goal will be our friend in this conflict."

This is not the policy the media likes when you're running for president, but it's the only thing any serious president can do. It's idiotic to stand there on the campaign stump and lay out in detail how you would fight a war. Not only are you giving away your strategy to the enemy, but you also have no idea how to anticipate what might actually happen on the field of battle.

So however much you may hear complaints that Trump is "short on specifics" here, this is really the ultimate in being presidential:

By the way, telling other nations that they are our friends if they help us in this fight sounds an awful lot like George W. Bush, whose foreign policy and war strategies Trump tends to deride. Remember this?

So what do you make of that? There's not a lot of affection between Trump and the Bush crowd, yet their basic instincts when it comes to fighting terrorism are pretty similar. I'd say that's for a simple reason: There's really only one way to fight terrorism if you're serious about it, and it's exactly the way both men are talking here. It's the people who don't really want the fight who end up approaching things like Obama, Hillary and Kerry: Making idiotic deals with terror-sponsoring nations and "leading from behind."

For all his talk about failed foreign policies - and I think he means to include Bush as well as Obama - Trump will end up fighting the terrorists pretty much the same way Bush did if he gets elected. Why? Because that's really the only way to fight them if you want to win.

The generals will provide the strategic details, which the public does not need to see. But the actual will to win will have to come from Trump himself. Just as the lack of a will to win has come from Obama.

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