Trump explains the inarguable legality of his immigration EO . . . by actually reading the statute live

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Wednesday February 08th, 2017

Clear, concise, obvious.

Right now, we're waiting for the chronically-overturned 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to issue it's ruling on Trump's temporary immigration orders.  Knowing how that court operates, it's all too likely that they'll rule against Trump, come up with a flimsy justification, and the matter will head to the SCOTUS.  That will send the immigration issue and the Gorsuch appointment charging towards each other like a pair of runaway freight trains.

In the meantime, though, we're stuck listening to talking heads on both sides of the issue.

Everyone is trying to justify their support, or their vitriol, with a slew of arguments that shouldn't (and usually don't) matter.  All that's supposed to count is what the law says. If the law says the President has the power to do what Trump did, then sorry snowflakes, you're going to have to suck it up.

Without further ado, here's President Donald Trump reading the law to the  National Sheriff’s Association.

People may not like Trump's motivation, or they may question his EO's efficacy, but how anyone can argue it's unconstitutional is beyond me.  

Clearly, the law gives him the power he's exercised, and it's fantastic to see him use camera time to make that point.

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h/t Redstate