Trump: Come on, everyone knows the Clintons hate Obama

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Monday June 13th, 2016

"She's petrified because she doesn't want to go to jail."

Remember the embarrassingly schmaltzy 60 Minutes segement in which Obama and Hillary sat down with a swooning Steve Kroft and talked about what wonderul friends they had become? It was about the biggest load of crap I've ever seen on a show that specializes in it, and Kroft must have felt like one of those corporate PR guys who records a video "interview" with the CEO that's completely scripted and consists of nothing but softballs.

It was all part of a very determined effort following the bitter primary campaign of 2008 to convince people that the Obama and Clinton camps really loved each other now. Remember when Bill said Obama's whole persona was the biggest fairy tale he'd ever seen? Yeah. Never mind that! Remember when Obama said Hillary would say absolutely anything to get elected? Oh look! A squirrel!

They love each other now!

That's been the storyline since Obama took office and he felt he had to throw her the bone of becoming Secretary of State. That's nonsense is embarrassing enough, but not as much as the news media swallowing it whole such that no one dares to bring up what how they really feel about each other.

No one, that is, except Donald Trump - who decided to remind us all about the real Obama/Hillary relationship just as Obama decided to swallow hard and pretend he really thinks she would make a great president:

"We have a president that doesn't know what the hell he's doing, folks," Trump said. "I hear he's going to take a lot of time, during our time, when he's supposed to be looking at trade and the military and all of these things, and he's going to campaign for Crooked Hillary."

"You know what? That's OK. That's OK," Trump said before then issuing a veiled threat to the president. "Because if he does that, we're allowed to say things about him that normally we wouldn't bring up. Remember when Bill started campaigning?"

That was a reference to Trump's willingness to attack Clinton by alleging sexual misconduct on the part of her husband, former President Clinton, in ways that go beyond the usual political back and forth.

Throughout the night, Trump attempted to portray Hillary Clinton as corrupt. In one instance, he told the crowd: "She and her husband hate Obama. Everybody knows it. Right now she's like, 'Yes, sir. No, sir. How should I vote?' She's petrified because she doesn't want to go to jail. The system is rigged. Bernie found it out."

Speaking of 60 Minutes as we did above, the excerpted link is also from CBS News, and check out the bolded passages (emphasis mine). When CBS refers to Trump talking about Bill's sexual misconduct, and then in the next paragraph about Hillary being corrupt, they insist on presenting these notions as if they are inventions of Trump's vivid imagination - rather than basic facts that everyone knows to be true.

As for the part about Hillary not wanting to go to jail, that's clearly a reference to the fact that only Obama's direct or indirect marching orders to Loretta Lynch are going to save Hillary from being indicted for her mishandling of classified information on her schlock, homebrew e-mail server. She desperately needs Obama's favor right now, and it's not going to be easy for him to give it considering how damning the FBI's evidence against her is going to be.

But let there be no doubt, Hillary despises Obama. She believed in 2008 just as she believes today that the presidency is owed to her, and Obama had the audacity to come along and take it away from her - forcing her to spend four years flying around as Secretary of State so as to position herself for another run in 2016, then running a whole new campaign when she should have been getting ready to build her presidential library and whatever other monuments to herself she thought were appropriate. Now she's pushing 70 years old and she's not yet even begun her presidency. Plus, she has to face an opponent in Donald Trump who is willing to tell the truth about how horrendous she is.

So yes, she hates Obama with a passion. Don't let all her talk about protecting his legacy fool you for a second. That is all for show because she needs him desperately - not only to win but to avoid being indicted. And my guess is that nothing she needs from Obama will come without her paying a steep price, which is exactly why the whole situation enrages her so. She's supposed to be the one with the power, and instead she has to beg the king for mercy.

My question is why Donald Trump is the only one willing to publicly say what everyone knows about the true nature of the relationship between these two, which is utter hatred to the core.

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