UPDATE: After deletion, NBC blames 'third party' for tweet calling Oprah "OUR next president'

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday January 08th, 2018

Let the Progressive Oprahgasm commence!!!

UPDATE (Dan): Are you buying this? You won't if you have a brain. A media organization like NBC is not allowing some distant schlep to tweet stuff like this with no controls in place. And if they did, they wouldn't leave the tweet live until they started catching heat for it. No way. This is about as believable as their claims that they had no idea what Matt Lauer was up to.

UPDATE: NBC deleted their Oprah-for-President moment.  Fortunately, the internet is forever. Don't worry, NBC, we saved a copy for you...

UPDATE: NBC DELETES - Totally unbiased news outlet, NBC, declares Oprah Winfrey 'OUR future President'

NBC loves to tell you what an honest, unbiased, above-board news organization it runs. They don't take sides, they don't pick winners, and they are nothing if not even-handed. They're just as pure as the wind driven snow.

Oh sure, they all knew about Matt Lauer's super-creepy door lock, and yeah, Halperin was allowed to hang around for years, but NBC promises. When it comes to politics, it's "facts" not "opinion" or "propaganda."


Yeah, that's the official NBC Twitter feed, and if you're wondering why anyone should ever again trust anything NBC News says about a potential Oprah candidacy, you're not alone. The Peacock Network has just declared itself a Winfrey supporter. Of course, if you've been paying attention, you know this bias is nothing new. They'll eagerly align themselves with any prominent lefty - particularly one they hope could drive Trump away from the White House.  

...In case you're wondering, no, they're not alone.  Not by a long shot.

Get out of the way, Bernie and Biden!  There's a new favorite in town:

As I've said in the past, I'm not convinced Oprah really wants to do this. Her brand is built on the idea that everyone loves her.  If she runs, she'll be articulating positions that will - without question and by necessity - alienate at least half the country. I've never really bought into the notion that she's ready to ditch personal adulation for a divisive White House run.

But never say never... 

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