Pelosi: GOP tax plan is 'the end of the world!' Is 'like death!' ...It's 'Armageddon!'

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday December 05th, 2017

Run for your lives!  The tax bill is coming!

Yesterday, in discussing the left-wing reaction to the GOP's tax bill, I said the meltdown consisted of "extreme hyperbole, apocalyptic warnings, and fire-and-brimstone diatribes."  If I'm being honest, I thought I was employing a little hyperbole of my own. Surely the left isn't stupid enough to go out there and compare a relatively mild tax overhaul to the Book of Revelation!

They are that stupid, and don't call me Shirley.

Check out Nancy Pelosi, who says that the GOP tax bill is - quite literally - "the end of the world."  It's actual, honest-to-God, old testament, fire-and-brimstone "Armageddon." 

It's..."like death."

I'm going to give Nancy Pelosi the benefit of the doubt and suggest that she's suffered what can only be characterized as a massive break with reality. Someone, please, get her to a professional - because she is in dire need of help. There is, quite clearly, something very, very wrong with her.

How else can you explain this level of delusion?

For most people, the cuts will be minimal.  For some, thanks to their Democrat-controlled states, there will actually be increases. 

The fact that Democrats are pretending to care about debts and deficits?  That they're so, so, terrified of letting you keep a few extra dollars?  That's the indicator that we've entered the end times.

Whenever horrific tax-and-spend leftists like Nancy Pelosi are so terrified that they take a stab at feigning interest in fiscal responsibility, you know you're doing something right.

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