The left is losing its mind over the tax bill - which means it's probably pretty good

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday December 04th, 2017

You thieves want more of your paycheck!?                                                                                                                                                           

Dan an I often write that liberals view government as their God.  They work tirelessly to grow it in size and scope, force you to make painful sacrifices at its altars, and will stop at nothing to ensure the spread of their collectivist religion.  Any effort to rein-in the power enjoyed by their secular statist church is met with extreme hyperbole, apocalyptic warnings, and fire-and-brimstone diatribes.

On Friday, Republicans in the Senate passed a tax bill that is, in a word, mild.  Under the new rules, we will still have a progressive tax plan. The rich will still pay the overwhelming majority of the country's tax burden, working people will still be over-taxed in general, and wide swaths of the public will pay precisely nothing. The GOP isn't trying to jettison the IRS, it isn't moving us to a fair tax or flat tax, and it isn't taking a single action that is irreversible. 

All it's doing is allowing people - across the tax spectrum - to keep a little bit more of their income. Most of us would like to see them go much, much, further than they are. Yet the reaction from the left is exactly the sort of fevered panic that you'd expect.

Need an example? Look no further than America's most beloved tentacle-porn enthusiast, MSNBC and Vanity Fair contributor Kurt Eichenwald:

He then went on to make an argument that conservatives have been making for decades, but progressives didn't care to hear: Maybe being in massive unsustainable debt to China isn't the best plan...

So, suddenly, our debt and deficits - which Republicans have been screaming about for at least 30 years - are a priority?

This is nothing more than patently, painfully, blatant politics. The last President, who Eichenwald loves, helped double that debt in less than a decade. Liberals never bothered to sound the "America died" alarm then, because their guy was in office and he was working to grow the left-wing God. Only when the government dares to let you keep even a little bit more of what you earn do the progressive crackpots lose control of their verbal diarrhea.

Want another example?  According to the New York Times editorial board (as tweeted by an MSNBC producer) letting you keep a few more dollars amounts to "a historic heist."

This is a clear example of the left's belief that everything you have belongs to the government.  The feds generously "allow" you to keep some of your pay, and how dare you demand more?  You ingrates should shut your mouths and be thankful you're not taxed at 100%.  Dare to hang on to a few extra bucks, and it's a heist - you've stolen from God's coffers.

As you might expect, Bernie Sanders - the Dems' young fresh face for 2020 - felt the same way.  Working people are looting the treasury!

Remember, this bill is the bare minimum that fiscal conservatives would like to see.  If you're a regular reader, you know I've called it, and the House version, "GOP small ball." That's because I'm of the opinion the country needs a massive course correction which leaves way, way, more money in the hands of states and citizens, while the federal government does less with less. Considering they have control of the White House and all of Congress, I expected more.

However, I will say this: All the right people seem really angry about our it....

...So it's probably a good first step. 

Just imagine the meltdown we'll see should the final bill pass after reconciliation.

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