The Atlantic: C'mon, only five of those pro-aborts were hailing Satan

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Friday July 05th, 2013

By DAN CALABRESE - Confirmation by debunkation.

Every time something goes around conservative circles that clearly demonstrates the debased nature of the left, you can count on some sort of effort to "debunk" the information. It was fake. It was out of context. They didn't really say that. And in fairness, sometimes the stuff that goes around isn't what it appears to be, and deserves to be debunked.

That's what makes The Atlantic's effort so pathetically revealing in the case of our pro-abortion friends in Texas shouting down "Amazing Grace" by chanting "Hail Satan!" - as we told you the other day. Atlantic writer Elspeth Reeve approaches her piece the way these lefty attempts at debunkation always start. She implies that the mere fact something is bouncing around the right-wing blogosphere is in itself proof of how ridiculous the idea must be. But she quickly runs out of ammo:

A few protesters against a Texas bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks appear to have chanted "Hail Satan" to mock anti-abortion protesters singing "Amazing Grace" in Austin on Wednesday. In the very loud video, I can't make out the word "Satan," but CNN reporter Josh Rubin tweeted he heard the chant. Rubin says only five protesters yelled about Satan. (Others chanted "More white males" sarcastically.) But the video has gone viral on conservative sites as proof of the depravity — or at least stupidity — of the pro-choice activists. 

At the end of the video, a young woman looks like she's saying "Hail Sata-ughhh" as the word trails off while she sticks her tongue out (see GIF). Her performance calls into question the nostalgia some people have for the bygone era when college campuses were a core force in American political life.

College kids are so dumb.

Notice how weak Reeve's case is. She says that she can't make out the word Satan, but acknowledges that Rubin confirmed it. She also shows us the GIF of the young woman who not only says it (clearly on the video, available at the link above), but even adds the devil-tongue thing so as to make sure you don't miss the point.

So what, then, makes it a "meme" and not a real thing that happened? Apparently it's the fact that only five people were doing it. But no one ever claimed otherwise. You can clearly see in the video making the rounds on conservative blogs that only about five people are doing it. The point is not that the Satan-hailers number in the thousands, but that those on the scene were so completely uninhibited in calling out Satan's name.

And as I wrote on Wednesday, it is likely they were only saying it to upset the pro-lifers who were there, but that is not an excuse in God's eyes.

It gets better. In her original post, Reeve claimed to have debunked a photo of a child holding a sign that says, "If I wanted the government in my womb, I would F*** a senator." She claimed the photo has been around since 2007 and could not have been from the Texas protests this past week. Oops! Turns out she had to come back and admit she was wrong, and the Texas pro-aborts had indeed given the sign to a child to hold. To her credit, Reeve did have the presence of mind to admit that this was "gross," although I'd say it's a lot worse than gross.

At any rate, if this is what happens when the Atlantic tries to "debunk" reports of what the left is really doing, maybe Reeve and her colleagues should save themselves the embarrassment and just stop debunking altogether. They've probably helped our side enough.

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