The anti-freedom movement

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Published by: Herman Cain on Wednesday February 15th, 2017

The left wants to shut you up or shut you down.

The liberal left consists of those who believe in big government, which means more regulations, more taxes, and more free stuff for all, paid for by that infinite class of rich people that does not exist. This produces more dependency on government and more control over people's lives.

Typically, the liberal left are political elites, media elites, opinion elites, intellectual elites, celebrity elites and any voices who truly believe they are smarter than anyone else on the planet, and that people must be led like sheep by the government. They're the shepherd and we're the sheep. 

I commonly refer to those people as just liberals and Democrats.

Liberals and Democrats are not just "Trump Tripping", they are actively trying at every turn to deny people the opportunity to learn an opposing view, or an opposing thought. Their main tactics are violent demonstrations, disruption of civil discussions, making more media noise than the other side, and protesting and resisting all things Trump.

Those tactics can also be called S.I.N. 2.0. Shift the subject, Ignore the facts and Name-call.

Granted, some of the demonstrators and protesters are paid agitators and trouble makers, who suck gullible others into their not-so-spontaneous protests with media perceptions, and anti-Trump hyperbole.


The incident at UC Berkley where they did not even want a well-known conservative voice to speak on campus. So, illogically, they violently protested the event to ultimately shut it down. The protesters considered that a victory even though they destroyed university property and businesses. Their victory also denied students from hearing an opposing view to their liberal ideology.

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos was invited to meet with teachers’ union representatives at a public school, only to be met with protesters who did not want the meeting to take place. She ultimately got inside through an alternative entrance, but the protesters got a little media coverage.

Those who objected to that meeting were afraid that Secretary DeVos might find some common ground with students, which might dilute the benefits of the teachers’ union. She's on a mission to improve students’ education, whereas their mission is the status quo.

Senior presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway has been and is an effective media spokesperson for President Trump. Most of the time she is simply setting the record straight about what the administration or president has said or done, because the media’s interpretation is driven by its liberal slant. 

Kellyanne is so good at what she does that liberal voices are now encouraging CNN to no longer have her on their network. They accuse her of lying. Really! Not from the interviews I've seen, and I've seen dozens.

Those liberal voices just don't want people to know the truth, because those truths do not fit their anti-Trump rhetoric. Most of the time, Kellyanne is setting the record straight about what President Trump actually said and did, instead of the liberal media's version, which is designed to fit their narrative.

There are many examples, but these examples alone show that the liberal left is not interested in winning an ideological augment on logic and merit. They just want to shut you up or shut you down. 

That's anti-freedom of speech!

Freedom of speech is guaranteed in the First Amendment to the Constitution. If we surrender to those ideological thugs, they will next want to take away other freedoms such as "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness".

We will not surrender!

The liberal left wants to control our lives from cradle to grave. They also want to control our thoughts and perceptions of what's good for us. We are not supposed to think for ourselves according to them. When we do think for ourselves knowing both sides of the issues, we reject their anti-freedom tactics.

We have known for decades that freedom is under attack by the 'ations (too much legislation, too much regulation, and too much taxation). We also know that freedom is not free. We have to fight to keep it!

This time it's not on the battlefield. It's in the minds of the people.

Keep people informed and we win. We being the freedom fighters!

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