Ted Cruz: It's crazy to take a recess, or any time off, until ObamaCare repeal is done

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Tuesday July 11th, 2017

Get back to work, deadbeats!

Congress, as you know, has yet to repeal ObamaCare. It has yet to alter ObamaCare, it has yet to replace ObamaCare, and it has yet to provide a passable alternative to ObamaCare. Because of that, the rest of this year's agenda also appears dead in the water.  You know what that means.  It's time for a vacation.

The August recess is almost upon us - just fifteen legislative days away - but some Republicans are less than thrilled.

Enter Ted Cruz:

Also ready to skip his break is Georgia Seantor David Perdue, a guy who seems to understand just how bad the "do-nothing" optics will be.  He and nine of his colleagues sent a letter to Mitch McConnell urging him to skip the recess.

In their home districts, they will likely face angry constituents frustrated Congress has so far not passed any major pieces of legislation, especially health care.

The congressional August recess goes back to a time before air conditioning when spending time in Washington during the summer was painful. But some lawmakers are starting worry about the heat they'll get when they head home for August if they haven't fulfilled some major promises, reports CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes. 

The calls for a congressional scheduling change are getting louder. Georgia Sen. David Perdue is one of many Republicans pushing to do away with the annual five-week break.

"I can tell you what: if you did a vote out there in the real world, they would vote for us to stay here and get their work done," Perdue told CBS News.

Seriously, Republicans.  Listen to these people.  You've spent months embarrassing yourselves via a combination of inaction, indecision, and fecklessness.  If you take a vacation on the heels of that disastrous performance, people will notice.  Even if you still can't get it done, and you really have no excuse, your "time off" is going to be miserable, so you may as well just stay in D.C. and commiserate.

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