Bring on 'tax cuts for the rich'

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Published by: Herman Cain on Thursday October 19th, 2017

It's actually just what we need, especially once you know how Democrats define rich.

"Tax cuts for the rich" is always a talking point by Democrats against any tax cut proposal by Republicans. But the Democrats never define "rich", and the liberal media and most voters let them get away with it.

While on a Fox News Channel's Outnumbered last Tuesday, the staunch Democrat on the panel let it slip what they mean by "rich. Democrats define rich as anyone, or any corporation, or any entity that works to make a profit as "rich", and therefore does not deserve any sort of tax cut.

The president's tax cut proposal would reduce the top individual tax rate from 39.6 percent to 35 percent. That's too much for liberals, because those individuals might go out and buy another boat or luxury car with that extra cask. Bull feathers! So what if they do? That means some people making boats and cars will have jobs. But the liberals never connect those dots, because that does not fit their narrative of "tax cuts for the rich".

The Democrats and liberal media also never point out that the 30 million small businesses who file as Subchapter S corporations are not rich. If they make a profit, then they put it back into their businesses to grow which creates more jobs and more careers for people. Their top tax bracket goes from 39.6 percent to 25 percent, because their business profits, if any, go into their personal income tax return. 

Whether those businesses make a profit or not, the Democrats see it as a "tax cut for the rich" by going from 39.6 percent to 25 percent. Never mind that's where most of the new jobs are created. Never mind how many hours a week a small business person works to survive and maybe make a profit.

The resident Democrat on the panel let it slip that she defines rich as corporations, such as JP Morgan, who would pay a tax rate for their top bracket of 20 percent instead of the current 35 percent. I quickly pointed out to her that not all corporations make money and, therefore, are not rich. Secondly, those corporations are job creators, and not hoarders of cash. Let them create more jobs, which would mean more tax revenue to help pay for some of the wasteful spending by the federal bureaucracy.

Nope! Democrats don't care, because their objective is to stop any tax cuts for anybody using any misleading and false narrative they can get away with. Even before the actual legislation is written and introduced in Congress, the Democrats start their "tax cuts for the rich" attack narrative.

This means the Democrats and the liberal media are just fine with our current disaster of a tax code, because it allows them and their cronies to pick winners and losers using tricks embedded in that nearly-8,000-page mess. The president's proposal is bold and simpler, which makes it easy to attack with unsubstantiated soundbites and narratives.

That's what Democrats do until Republicans cave and businesses and taxpayers end up with some small crummy changes to the tax code and both parties claim victory. I hope the Republicans prove me wrong this time.

The president's proposal represents tax cuts for the job creators and the taxpayers. It would continue to boost economic growth, which can only help all those mysterious disadvantaged non-rich people Democrats are trying to protect. To Democrats, the so-called "rich" are never paying enough in taxes. 

The Democrats in Congress are not fighting for the people. They are fighting for control over the people. Disallowing people and businesses to keep more of what they earn in order to grow is just the latest example.

Let's create more jobs instead of more government dependency. 

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