Surprising no one, Bernie flip flops on suing gun manufacturers

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday April 18th, 2016

Buh-bye, principles. I'm losing!

Last week, we talked about Hillary's ridiculous desire to let victims of gun crime sue the manufacturer of the weapon in question. Essentially, if some dirtbag shoots you with a Remington, Hillary wants to let you sue Remintgon Arms.  It's not about justice or recompense; it's about enacting a de facto firearm ban by suing their makers out of existence.

It's also a horrible precedent that could be applied to virtually any item in existence. If someone uses a car, knife, baseball bat, Furby, or frying pan to commit a violent act, the aggrieved party would be right in arguing that they should get to take a similar bite out of the company that made the implement used. 

Bernie Sanders, it should be noted, is no Second Amendment supporter. Democrat progressives pretend that he is, but that's only because his stance has always been ever-so-slightly less bat-crap crazy than their own. In one or two areas he used to make a tiny bit of sense, and they simply couldn't stand it. For example, Bernie has repeatedly stated that he doesn't think victims of gun violence should be able to sue firearm manufacturers. He's even employed the gun analogy to make his point. 

In fact, he was making this argument in debates with Hillary as recently as March of this year.

Now, however, it's become clear he's really "running as a Democrat."  As we all know, when a Democrat is losing they'll say absolutely anything. So, it's time to say goodbye to the old Bernie Sanders. The new Bernie Sanders thinks everyone has a right to sue.

Note that he tries to shift the focus of the question away from his flip-flop on manufacturers and steer it toward gun shop owners. We get it Bernie, your entire candidacy is based on the idea that you're the guy who "sticks to his principles" and you've just abandoned them because you feel you need to pander. Don't think for a moment this dodge matters. The fact is, if he'll ditch his beliefs about manufacturers, why wouldn't one assume he'd do the same with gun store owners?

It looks like Bernie will say whatever he thinks his would-be voters want to hear - just like everyone else who "runs as a Democrat."

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