Gov.-subsidized housing in Ohio draws thousands of applicants...things get ugly

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Sunday December 09th, 2012

By ROBERT LAURIE - "Freebies" and mace seem to go hand-in-hand these days

In Obamaville, housing costs are subsidized.  Usually, the homes in question aren't the greatest, but every so often desirable properties pop up.  This was the case yesterday in Ohio, where applicants were urged to turn out and sign up for inexpensive, subsidized, apartments.

The flats in question were fairly nice, so the folks in charge expected hundreds of would-be occupants to fill out paperwork.  They even held the event in a church parking lot large enough to accommodate hundreds of cars, thinking that the extra space would diffuse any concerns about the size of the crowd.  It quickly became clear that they had severely underestimated the people's desire for government cash.

Instead of hundreds, thousands appeared.

As the sign-ups got underway at 7 A.M., there was a mad rush for the paperwork, a huge melee broke out, and the police ended up firing mace into the out-of-control mob.

The weird part is: people seem oddly "OK" with it. No one appeared terribly surprised, and they hope it will go more smoothly next time. It looks like it's a brave new world out there and this is all part of the "new normal."

Apparently, if you're going to get your taxpayer-funded freebies, this is just the kind of thing you have to tolerate.

Here's the video, from local news.