Steve King is 100 percent correct, but thanks to the media you probably think he said something racist

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday March 14th, 2017

Thought police.

"What we need to have in this country is an honest conversation about . . ." whatever it is. How many times have you heard a liberal say something like that? About race. Culture. Poverty. You name the topic, a liberal laments that we're not having an "honest conversation" about it.

Except that the left really has no interest whatsoever in having an honest conversation about these topics, or about any other. An honest conversation means you say what you really think, I say what I really think, and we discuss it - honestly, without either of us trying to misrepresent what the other says, or turn each other into a monster based on the worst possible misrepresentation of a statement made in the course of said conversation.

Of course the left doesn't want that. The "honest conversation" the left wants is for the left to lecture the rest of us about how awful we are, and for us to bow our heads in shame and vow whatever penance the left deems necessary to atone for our sins. If we were having a truly honest conversation, we'd be taking a very serious look at what Congerssman Steve King of Iowa said on Twitter the other day.

Here is the original tweet.

Hauled before the CNN tribunal to defend himself, King expanded upon his point:

It was probably CNN that hyperventilated the most in response to King's tweet, so we'll stick with their coverage. In a followup, King said this:

“But if I had room to add on, I would say, ‘You can’t rebuild your civilization with somebody else’s babies unless you adopt them and bring them into your homes and raise them as your own,’” he added. “And that’s the core of that tweet. They’re importing a different culture, a different civilization, and that culture and civilization, the imported one, rejects the host’s culture, and so they are supplanting Western civilization with Middle Eastern civilization. And I say — and Geert Wilders says — Western civilization is a superior civilization. It is the first world.”

The key here is understanding the distinction between ethnic race and culture. They are not the same. At all. King's concern is that the cultural norms that define America are being diluted as people enter our nation, reject that culture and demand the existing culture bend to suit them. In King's view, a person born and/or raised in this country should have no problem internalizing America's culture - regardless of race, which is completely irrelevant to the equation.

But no matter how many times you try to tell CNN's Chris Cuomo this is not about race, he can't get it through his head:

If you're wondering how Cuomo gets "if you're not white, you're not right" out of King's tweet, you have to realize: That's not where Cuomo got it. He got it from his own head, because liberals believe people are always thinking that whether they say it or not.

The left wants to pretend there is no prevailing American culture that's different from other cultures around the world. That's nonsense. Of course there is. Western civiliation absolutely has distinctive characteristics that make us the type of nation we are. It's very difficult to have an intelligent conversation about this when one of the two people involved keeps shouting at you, as Cuomo does here.

"Why did you pause?"

GDP growth for Obama's final year? A measly 1.6 percent

Maybe because he wanted to give a thoughful answer and that requires a few seconds of thought, Chris? Ah, never mind. Just yell. It's what CNN pays you to do and it's the best you're capable of anyway.

King's concern is a very real one. If Americans are not having and raising children and teaching them America's values and culture, we're going to dilute the culture that built this nation. The Democratic Party is very interested in seeing this happen because the prevailing American culture is one of rugged individualism, which doesn't leave much room for the sort of mass dependency that breeds Democrat voters. They also don't have much use for that culture to begin with. They much prefer the collectivism that requires a pronounced shift in the culture, so maybe that's why they're so interested in defending the dilution by pretending King said something racist.

Then again, it probably doesn't require so sophisticated a motivation. If a Republican breathes and a Democrat can call it racist, the Democrat will do so. It's too bad because these are important issues that we really do need to have honest conversations about. If every time someone tries to they're going to be shouted at and called a racist by the likes of Chris Cuomo, you're going to have a hard time finding people - especially elected officials - who are willing to bother to make the effort.

Kudos to Steve King for doing so, and for having the temerity to go on CNN, which has to be about the biggest intellectual cesspool on the face of the Earth.

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