State Dept. reluctantly hands over 34 deleted Hillary e-mails that were clearly work-related

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Published by: Dan Calabrese on Tuesday June 28th, 2016

So another lie goes by the boards.

I find the timing of this stuff interesting. The dinosaur media would ignore it anyway, but it's helpful to them to have a way to cover themselves for doing so. What? Hillary did delete work-related e-mails? Oh, gosh, you know, we'd love to cover that. But Brexit! But Orlando! But Donald Trump talking about his golf course! Hey, our resources are stretched, you know! Really like to help you, but . . .

The State Department, which doesn't want this in the news any more than Hillary does, has to decide when to release this stuff since it's under court order to do so. And you can't help but wonder if they time it for when other news can give their media co-conspirators cover. If it wasn't for Catherine Herridge at Fox News, I don't know if anyone would be on top of this story.

But she is:

The latest emails were released under court order by the State Department to the conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch. The batch includes 34 new emails Clinton exchanged through her private account with her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin. The aide, who also had a private email account on Clinton's home server, later gave her copies to the government.

The emails were not among the 55,000 pages of work-related messages that Clinton turned over to the agency in response to public records lawsuits seeking copies of her official correspondence. They include a March 2009 message where the then-secretary of state discusses how her official records would be kept.

"I have just realized I have no idea how my papers are treated at State," Clinton wrote to Abedin and a second aide. "Who manages both my personal and official files? ... I think we need to get on this asap to be sure we know and design the system we want."

This is the sort of thing that animated Hillary. My personal records and files! How will they be managed? Who will control them! Damn well better be us! Get on this!

It's hard to see how she could have regarded an e-mail concerning the management of her official files not work-related, unless you think like a Clinton. Then you'd recognize that she's not concerned with doing her job so much as with the way the public will perceive how she did her job. That's why she wants control of her peresonal and official files. She doesn't want anything getting out in the public that reflects badly on her, and the fact that she's so concerned about getting on it asap and controlling the system suggests that there's plenty in there she wouldn't want the public to see.

That's probably why she deleted this e-mail and others like it. But she really doesn't know very much about how digital information works. She thought she could just delete the e-mails she wanted to hide, print out the rest of them and claim to have complied with open records and transparency laws. She didn't even realize that "deleted" e-mails are easily recoverable by someone with even the slightest knowledge of this stuff.

So once again we have clear and compelling evidence that Hillary lied. She did not turn over everything work-related as she has insisted again and again - at least once under oath. And once again, the dinosaur media is too busy to pay much attention to it. Let's hope the FBI doesn't view it that way. And that the voters don't either.

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