Sort of like Cuba's 'elections,' the Democrat nominating race is basically fixed

Headshot image of Herman Cain
Published by: Herman Cain on Thursday March 24th, 2016

No wonder she's laughing. They can have all the primaries they want, but they hardly matter.

Maybe when Obama told Raul Castro that America can learn from Cuba, he was talking about the manner in which we hold elections. The more you look at the Democrats' presidential nominating contest, the more you realize it looks an awful lot like the sham "elections" they hold in communist countries. The people get to go and "vote," but how they vote is largely irrelevant. The winner is predetermined.

That's because the Democrats employ these things called superdelegates, who are not bound by the results in primaries and caucuses and are free to support whoever they want. The superdelegates are the reason Hillary can't lose. They won't let her, no matter how badly she does in the primaries and the caucuses.

Take a look at the current delegate count: The total count shows Hillary leading Bernie Sanders 1,690-946, with 2,382 needed to win. But when you break down the delegates won in the primaries and caucuses vs. the superdelegates, it tells you the real story. In the former category, it's a very close race, with Hillary leading 1,186-899. If that was the entire total, it would still be anybody's race. But in the superdelegate category, Hillary leads 467-26. And that's why Sanders has no chance. No matter what the voters say, the handpicked superdelegates are going to make sure Hillary wins.

Now, it's their party and they can make their own rules. If they want to put in the fix to be sure that a corrupt, incompetent candidate who got where she is solely on the basis of her last name can become their nominee - like I said, they can make their own rules. But it's pretty funny that their supposed to be the democratic party, and yet their nominating process is far less democratic than the one the Republicans are having.

I guess the Democrats have learned a lot from their communist cousins.

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