Side by side, the Trump card shows what really matters

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Published by: Herman Cain on Thursday October 27th, 2016

Compare and contrast.

Now that the Republican and Democrat National Conventions are over, and the media are consumed with political noise and manipulated polls, it's time to focus on the big differences between Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The big differences are based on the big issues, the big solutions and the priorities that will get America back on the right track.

The political noise and the media hyperbole will not highlight these priority differences, so that's why we are doing it here. This comparison is intended to contrast the differences between their respective ideas, ideologies and intentions as president. 

This comparison is not intended to be all-inclusive. It is only intended to keep people focused on the top five priorities that people should think about when making their decision, rather than the political noise, deceptions and lies.

I know some people are going to vote based on gender or political party. That's your choice. But for those who intend to make an informed decision and vote for the future of this country, here is the truth. We've created these cards, which you can get in packs of 100, and the information about Trump and Hillary are front-and-back. You can hand them to anyone easily, and it demonstrates the truth in a simple and easy-to-understand way.

Side by side, the Trump card shows what really matters

"When people have the right information, they will make the right decision."

- Abraham Lincoln

Share them with people who will listen to the truth.

The truth will save our society.

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