See my interview yesterday with Mike Pence

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Published by: Herman Cain on Wednesday August 31st, 2016

The case can't be made much more clearly than this.

I have so enjoyed spending time these past few days with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. The more I talk to this man, the more convinced I become that Donald Trump made an outstanding choice in making him his running mate. After the rally on Monday night in Atlanta, Gov. Pence appeared in studio with me yesterday on my radio show. If you didn't hear it, here's the whole thing via in-studio video:

I think it's really important to read, watch and listen to interviews like this in full, rather than simply reading the media summations of them. The media ignore the substance and go directly to "gaffes" and things that are only of interest to other political reporters and campaign consultants. When you listen to Gov. Pence talk about the issues - election integrity, jobs, taxes, spending, economic growth and so much more - you immediately realize that he deeply understands the problems America faces and knows what to do about them.

Donald Trump will be the president, of course, and I know many conservatives are worried that he's not really a conservative, or that he doesn't understand policy well enough to be able to govern effectively. Well, if that's what you think, you can join the #NeverTrump hissy fit. Or you can do what Mike Pence has decided to do, and help the man govern. And make sure that conservative principles guide these policies. I'm so glad Gov. Pence is on the team. You should be too.

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