Science confirms: Laughter really is the best medicine

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Published by: Herman Cain on Thursday August 04th, 2016

Do the joyless PC police want to be enemies of science?

I suppose the last thing we need is for someone to take laughter and make it all serious, but I want you to know what a lot of serious scholars are starting to recognize: Laughing is good for you. It makes you healthier, more relaxed and less tense. It relieves stress. It even boosts your immune system!

So if you’ve ever wondered why that joyless sourpuss you know is sick all the time, here you go.

Laughter has even turned into an industry in the UK, as a growing body of research suggests there are real benefits to things like “laughter yoga” and even worship services heavy on laughter.

There is a “laughter yoga” trainer in the UK to explains further.

“Laughter is more than just laughter – it’s not just silly,” said Lotte Mikkelson. “To maintain the physiological changes and benefits we get from it, we need to do it every day. We’re frowned upon in society if we do big, roaring belly laughs, but laughter club is a safe space to really laugh from the belly; you really get an exchange of air, it jogs internal organs, and you benefit physically.”

This isn’t just one person’s opinion, either. A study by Oxford University found that a good belly laugh shared with others can increase an individual’s pain thresholds by releasing protective endorphins. It also suggested laughter “may play a crucial role in social bonding.

Now we don’t need to be treating laughter like, say, the eating of vegetables or taking vitamins. You have to do it every day! As if it were a chore. And while it’s nice that Ms. Mikkelson offers people a “safe space” to laugh, I really don’t think you need that. If someone is going to frown on you for laughing, who cares? That person is his or her own problem, not yours.

If you are a joyful person and love to laugh, then just do it. That’s in your heart. I realize we live at a time in our society when there are many serious problems, and some people are determined to banish even humor for polite society because it might offend someone. But you shouldn’t let yourself give in to any of that. So much of life is funny, and humor is not about harming or upsetting anyone. It’s just about enjoying the mirth that is part of living.

And while I hate to attach rules to something as joyful as laughter, here are nine guidelines that can help you make it an even happier experience for yourself and those around you. They come from a routine called “Laff It Off” by the comedian George Henry Wallace:

  • Learn to laugh at yourself 
  • Never laugh at somebody. Laugh with somebody. 
  • Know your laugh mates. Take a hint sometimes.
  • When in doubt about certain offensive words, shut up!
  • Everybody has a funny bone, but not a funny mouth.
  • Observations of the obvious are some of the most spontaneous chuckles.
  • Politically incorrect laughter can only be done with your closest friends.
  • Laughter is contagious ... Catch it!
  • If you can't laugh, then stay away from me!

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