Schumer invites President Trump to testify under oath. ...Cue Admiral Ackbar

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Published by: Robert Laurie on Monday June 12th, 2017

Don't.  Just... Don't.

On Friday, President Trump was asked if he'd be open to speaking "under oath" about the whole James Comey kerfuffle.  His answer is a little jumbled, but it does sound like he says he'd be "100%" willing to do so.  You can watch that exchange here:

Yesterday, congressional sleaze and term limits poster child, Chuck Schumer, "invited" President Trump to testify under oath. According to the Senator, it will be a real kumbaya moment and he and Mitch McConnell "could work out a way that it would be dignified, public, with questions."

Uh-huh.  Sure it would, Chuck.

Then he accused the President of taking things "lightly" and invoked last summer's Democrat-embarrassing story about the release of tax returns.

Just in case the President happens to be reading, allow me to quote Admiral Ackbar and warn him that "IT'S A TRAP!!" I don't seriously think Trump would willingly take Schumer up on this oh-so-generous offer but, just in case, someone should make sure he knows that doing so would be a terrible idea. 

First of all, the whole thing would turn into a massive fishing expedition.  No matter what pretense they offer beforehand, you can rest assured that the questions would range far from the central topic. Any and every issue - from every corner of Trump's life - would be addressed, and they wouldn't stop until they found some kind of "gotcha moment" to exploit.

Alternately, they'd let the President talk until he misspeaks (something he does all too frequently) and then they'd bludgeon him to death with the error. No matter how benign his mistake, misremembrance, or inaccurate phrasing was, they'd destroy him with it.

So, Mr. President, put your bravado aside and stay home. 

You've probably got a burning desire to put these vermin in their place. We get it. They're horrible.  Still, you have to ignore that impulse. No matter what you said, you'd only be handing them ammunition.

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